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Getting CMMC Certified in Odessa, Texas (TX)

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Is your company listed in the defense contract supply chain? Well, if it is, Getting CMMC Certified in Odessa, Texas (TX) is what you should look for. This certification is necessary for the companies that deal with defense contracts. Let’s find out why: –

CMMC-Certified-odessa tx

What is CMMC, and why is it necessary for companies in the defense contract supply chain?

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is a mechanism to ensure that all companies in the Defense Industrial base follow the necessary cybersecurity practices. It’s more of a set of guidelines you need to implement within your company to continue to do business in the DIB.

There are over 300 000 companies within the Defense Industrial Base that need to certify for CMMC. It’s because they deal with Controlled Unclassified Information and other confidential data. And this data needs to be protected at all costs no matter what. It’s the reason why it is necessary to certify.

There are five maturity levels you can certify for. Let’s say you want to certify for level 1. So, you’ll have to implement the guidelines necessary for that level. Also, when it’s time for the audit, you need to tell the accredited body regarding the level you’re certifying for.

Here are the maturity levels of CMMC: –

  • Basic Cyber Hygiene
  • Intermediate Cyber Hygiene
  • Good Cyber Hygiene
  • Proactive
  • Advanced/Proactive

Getting CMMC Certified in Odessa, Texas (TX)

CMMC certification is quite complex and requires you to be perfect. So, you’ll need an expert like the IQC The ISO Pros in Odessa, Texas (TX). Our company will help you determine the level you want to certify for and then implement your company’s guidelines.

Once you implement all the guidelines, you can apply for certification. The Department of Defense has created a not-for-profit Accreditation body that will audit and certify your organization.

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Why Choose IQC The ISO Pros

As you may know, CMMC is a complex mechanism or set of guidelines. And to be ready for the certification, you need to prepare hard. This is where our professionals will jump in. Our professionals always look out for any additions or amendments to the standards.

This helps us stay up to date with the guidelines. And with our help, you can definitely certify for your desired maturity level. Here are some other reasons why companies in Odessa, Texas (TX) love us: –

We deal with every organization uniquely: All standards demand a change in the way organizations proceed. Every organization uses different processes and requires different solutions. And this is what we do. Our professionals go through the entire system and help in implementing the required changes.

We train, educate and offer the required consultation: Our professionals will train your employees and will keep the implementation process transparent. This way, your employees will know what’s exactly going on in the organization.

Once we’re done implementing the standard, we go for pre-assessment audits. These audits give the taste of a real-time audit to your employees. It helps them prepare well for when the real audit arrives.

IQC The ISO Pros can help you implement, train on, consult, and have your company and/or organization certified on the following ISO Certifications: